Jazzragz Kittens

Here at Jazzragz Ragdolls, we breed for health, temperament, type, and standard. We like to show our cats, as it means that we know we are maintaining a good type and trying to help in some small way to keep the Ragdoll as true to the standard as we can. We also breed to hopefully produce the almost perfect ragdoll! We breed using mainly our own cats, breeding both traditional cats and cats from the red and Tabby series, breeding into the new chocolate and lilac colours.

The traditional look will always be what we want to achieve but we enjoy the genetic challenges when trying to achieve a particular colour, type, or pattern. We will always have times when we will need to breed into other lines so that we don’t breed too closely. We sometimes have pet kittens available for adoption. We are registered with the GCCF, and we are members of both the TBRCC and PRBCC. All Jazzragz kittens are born in our bedroom. They are lovingly reared in our home and well-socialised before they leave us. We sometimes have pet kittens available for adoption.

A Word of Caution

We know our kittens seem expensive but there is a good reason for that. We have followed all the correct processes as breeders to ensure you will get a healthy kitten of a good type, that is loved and well-socialised, and registered, so that you know it is a pedigree ragdoll. It will come with 5 weeks free insurance. It will be vet-checked, vaccinated, micro-chipped, neutered, fed on good quality food, and lovingly reared.

There are breeders who do not follow these codes who will sell you a ragdoll from unregistered stock. They are often younger than the 13 weeks that we sell our kittens at. There is no guarantee you are getting a pure-bred ragdoll as the pedigree cannot be authenticated as the cats are not registered. These cats may cost a little less but buyers beware; we have heard so many stories from heartbroken owners who have followed this route with tragic results. No breeder is able to fully guarantee that the kitten you get will not develop some horrible illness during its lifetime but a good breeder will offer support and help in any way they are able to.

Jazzragz kittens are homed on an adoption agreement about their future well being. We are always here to offer help and support. Should you become unable to look after your cat, we will always take it back.

An Indoor Cat

Ragdolls are bred from generations of completely indoor cats and we ask you to sign an agreement that you will keep your kitten as a totally indoor cat. They are so affectionate with people that they will go to the first person who offers attention and be taken for a lost cat. They are beautiful and desirable cats who need extra protection.

Our Process

When you enquire about a Jazzragz kitten, we like to know a bit about you and your lifestyle. We also like to know a little bit about your experience with cats so that we can offer the correct support to help you settle a new kitten. It also gives you an opportunity to find out more about your kitten, how it will be raised and socialised. By arranging a visit, you will meet our cats and will get a good idea of how it will look when fully grown.

 GET IN TOUCH with us to discuss our ragdoll cats.