Here at Jazzragz Ragdolls, we have decided that we would like to try to breed non-traditional kittens too. With this in mind, we bought Ollie, our cream colourpoint boy, who is homozygous for the chocolate gene, which means that all his kittens will carry the chocolate gene. We also bought Freddie as a kitten in the Summer of 2017. Freddie is a lilac Tabby colourpoint boy, so also carries the dilute gene. We hope this year (2018) to breed our first chocolate-carrying kittens. We also hope to be able to add our 2 girls, Rhea, our seal tortie, and Bonny, our seal Tabby, to the non-traditional group, and hopefully, we will breed some lovely kittens. It’s all very exciting, it’s just the waiting time to make sure everything goes well that keeps us on our toes.

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