Our Boys

Raggadict Herbie Rides Again ( Herbie)

Herbie won his Champion award at 10 months. He is a stunning blue colourpoint boy, fully traditional and bred from old English lines. Like Robbie, he is a really affectionate cat that loves lots of fuss and rewards you with head butts and sloppy kisses. As above, he lives with Robbie and gets along very well with him. He too has sired many litters of stunning kittens.

Chegayan Choccy Crème (Ollie)

Ollie is a lovely cream bi-colour boy. He is homozygous, carrying the chocolate dilute gene. That means that every kitten he sires will carry chocolate. So far, he has 2 CCs and only needs one more to be a champion. Ollie is a lovely, gentle boy who also enjoys lots of fuss and attention. We bought Ollie in the Autumn of 2017 as a 2-year-old. When he met our new kitten, stud-boy Freddie, they got on very well together and have formed a strong bond, like Robbie and Herbie. Ollie has proven himself as a stud-boy, breeding 2 litters of 5 kittens In the Spring of 2018.

OKennedys Jazzragz Ferrero (Freddie)

Freddie came to us in the Autumn of 2017, as a young Kitten. His pattern and colours are still developing but he is registered as a lilac tabby colourpoint. He is a fun-loving lad, enjoys lots of attention and affection, and playing with Ollie. He lives very happily with Ollie and is developing into quite a big lad. We hope to include him in our non-traditional breeding programme later this year.

All our cats are tested clear for the known HCM gene and for PKD FIV/FeLV. All our boys are “invitation” stud only.

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