Our Girls

Onyx Jazzragz Bluebelle (Belle)

Belle is a lovely, traditional blue colourpoint cat. She is an affectionate, follow-you-everywhere girl who really enjoys cuddling up and sleeping with the dogs whenever they let her. All the girls live in the house and Belle believes she is in charge. We think that most of the time the other girls are happy for her to think that! Belle has just had her second litter. She is a really good mum, who is very proud of her kittens, but will also be happy to return to her normal routine when they are old enough to manage without her.

Jazzragz Savannah (Lily)

Lily is a stunning home-bred, traditional seal colourpoint girl. She did well on the show bench as a kitten and as an adult won her Champion award before she was 10 months old. We took her off the show bench to have her first litter in the Autumn of 2017. Lily was a good mum and looked after her kittens well. She returned to the show bench during Spring (2018) and took her first Grand Champion CC at her first show. She took her next 2 GCCCs at the following show, and is now a Grand Champion. She has now started collecting her 5 Championship Certificates, which are necessary for becoming an Imperial Grand Champion. Lily has the true ragdoll personality and enjoys nothing better than cuddling up on our laps and having a snooze.

Mercheydolls Renee (Rhea)

Rhea is a very beautiful, seal tortie colourpoint, with fabulous tortie markings. She is a friendly, affectionate girl who enjoys sitting beside us on the chair and being stroked. She has just had her first litter of kittens in Spring 2018, which are all stunning-looking boys with really deep blue eyes, like their mum. Rhea has now gained weight and condition since having the kittens and is back on the show bench working towards her Champion Award.

Jazzragz Singing the Blues (Cassie)

Cassie is a home-bred, absolutely stunning traditional blue colourpoint. As well as being really affectionate, she follows us everywhere, dropping and rolling over in front of us, she has all sorts of little quirks she uses to keep us on our toes. Cassie did extremely well on the show bench as a kitten, winning many of her classes and taking Best of Breed. In a final, she won Best Kitten in show at the TBRCC show in 2017 and went up against her Dad for Best In Show. We were thrilled when Dad Zemo took Best In Show. As an adult, Cassie took her Champion Award at just over 9 months, and became a Grand Champion at just 13 months. She has now moved on to trying for her Imperial Grand Champion Award.

Chegayen Party Girl (Bonnie)

We bought Bonnie in July 2018. She is a beautiful, seal Tabby colourpoint girl with an affectionate and loving personality. She moved in with our girls and settled straight away. She has formed a special bond with Lily, who has taken her under her wing. We intend to try her on the show bench in the autumn. A big thank you to Sheila for this lovely girl!

Ragtasia Jazzragz Elliemay (Maisie)

Maisie has just joined our cat family. She is a very beautiful, traditional seal bi-colour girl. We are waiting to get to know her before telling everyone about her so watch this space.

All our girls are tested clear for the known HCM gene, and for PKD and FIV/FeLV.

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