Show News

Jazzragz Savannah (Lily)

During the latter part of 2017, Lily gained her Champion Award and got off the show bench to produce her first litter of kittens. What an adorable litter she had, and they were all in their new homes by early December 2017. We felt 1 of the kittens was good enough to show; a seal point like her Mum. We hope to meet up with her at shows later this year.

Lily had gained good weight and condition following the kittens so we took her to her first show in March 2018. Lily gained her first Grand Champion CC at the Lancashire show. Needless to say, we are thrilled to bits with her, well done, Lil. Our next big show was the double show; Durham Cat Club and the Northern Counties Cat Club. Lily gained her 2nd Grand CC at the Northern Counties show and also gained her 3rd Grand CC at the Durham show. Since then, GCCF has ratified that Jazzragz Savannah is now a Grand Champion and is eligible to enter Imperial Classes. Well done, Lil! Lily has now gained her 1st Imperial CC and is continuing to work towards the Imperial Award this year.

Jazzragz Singing the Blues (Cassie)

Cassie had a very prolific show year in 2017. She took a lot of kitten 1st awards and Best of Breed awards, culminating in the Best Kitten in Show award at the TBRCC Show in April. In June, when she became 9 months old, she gained her 3 Champion CC awards and became a Champion. In August, she won her first Grand Champion Award and took her second at the Supreme Cat Show, as well as her 3rd at The Yorkshire. Cassie is a Grand Champion at 13 months. We are so proud to have bred her. Well done, Cassie! In 2018, Cassie began to try for her Imperial Grand Champion award. She went to the Lancs. for her first show of 2018, and took the reserve Imperial Grand Champion. Well done, Cassie. Cassie gained her first Imperial CC at the Preston and Blackpool show and has since gained another 2; only 2 to go now, Cassie.

We are currently busy with our 2018 shows, so we will keep you updated on any future developments. Recently Cassie entered the Yorkshire Cat Club show along with the Cumberland Cat Club Show in November 2019 . In both shows she gained an Imperial certificate and sine then the G.C.C.F. has awarded her the title of Imperial Grand Champion Jazzragz Singing the Blues. Pretty good for a cat that's only 3 years old.

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